C a p t a i n   C o u t u r i e r

C a p t a i n   C o u t u r i e r

h a n d m a d e   u n i q u e   c o s t u m e s   t i m e l e s s   a t e l i e r

h a n d m a d e   u n i q u e   c o s t u m e s   t i m e l e s s   a t e l i e r

C h o k o   O n a    e n    N o i r   &   B l a n c

Hidden little bit behind the scenes of the village, the veranda is inviting you discretely. Weeds that would be taken away from ‘normal’ people, are beautifully decorating the wholes in the tile and covering parts of the wall. Small fishes are swimming in the bathtub, and birds are invited to come say hello through the open roof. Here lived many moments.

Last year an idea was shared between two magicians that were just starting the time travel. 


"Come eat with me, make me alive, feed me and make me dance in the wind of young creators gathered under a blue sky."

We worked through the days, collecting piece by piece, that was needed for the assimilation.
Clothing were made, as unique as the singularity of different soul stories
Paintings conceived , line by line
Sculptures crafted by two hands.
Boards were shaped with a perfection movement of a man machine.
A brunch were prepared, from many seeds from our lands corners.


People with all kinds of backgrounds, origins, ages, shapes and sizes came to join the show.
Like a theater, were everyone had his-her role to be just him-herself.

The wind was making the clothes alive, dancing on their own.

The sunshine shined on the buffet through the roof, a fair light that revealed its nourishing powers.

It was a beautiful assimilation, that put smiles on many wandered curious faces when passing by going down the street.
To be continued.


Clothing Captaincouturier
Art Ivan Terestchenko
Surfboards Gatoheroi
Chef Lina Bou
Photography Filippa Edghill

Merci á Marie Do

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